Jeff Shibasaki

Adventurer in life.

Lived with Sea Gypsies on a remote Thai island, hiked with the Black Hmong in Northwest Vietnam, crossed the DMZ into North Korea, cycled across South Korea and Japan and climbed Mt. Fuji.

Adventurer in work.

12 years’ international experience creating and publishing unique and engaging content on a global scale – articles, assessments, brochures, eBooks, forms, tutorials, podcasts, newsletters, scavenger hunts and songs for my wife.

Founded an English language and career development business as well as a digital publishing business – collectively creating long and short-form customer-facing marketing and training materials and eBooks – under the publisher name Pangea’s Tribe.

Built career around a personal mission to create compelling learning experiences for diverse audiences through explanatory, procedural and creative styles that streamline the acquisition of knowledge to be more efficient, effective and attractive. Whatever I attempt – my mission remains focused. Make learning easier.